Favorite Work / School Bags

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! It was absolutely beautiful here in Connecticut. The temperatures are still fairly warm here but I can feel the fall crisp in the air which I adore. I got a lot of requests from my twitter followers (follow me…@Splashofpreppy) to he ave a blog post about what my favorite school or work handbags are. I have used many handbags during my school years and there are a few that I do love. Since I just graduated from high school, I still plan to use these handbags for work. They are all great statement pieces but very versatile. These bags hold everything that I need. Whether it is a binder, notebook, my iPad, my Mac laptop, makeup, you name it, they carry everything.

Here are my top pics for back to school: This Longchamp literally is the best thing ever created. The straps are oh so sturdy and carry everything I need. I have this Longchamp in a light blue, black (I got it at the Longchamp store in paris), pink, dark blue, and white). It is literally the perfect work/school bag! Next, is the Tory Burch ‘Ella’ Nylon Tote. This tote is also a great piece because it is very fashionable yet it can still store anything you need to bring with you to school, work, meeting, or even a small weekend getaway. Now, everyone needs this North Face Backpack. This backpack may not look work appropriate but let me tell you, it is so necessary for school and traveling. Nothing is easier than having a backpack to pull all the heavy books/binders/etc. I loved this backpack at college because it was perfect on a rainy day or when I had to spend the entire day in the Library. This backpack is a MUST for back to school. 

These are some of my favorite bags for school and work! What are your favorites? Comment below! 

Happy Monday


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