Football Season

Happy Sunday! If you are a HUGE football fan like me you know that Sunday is the best day of the week. In the years past, I usually would dread Sundays because it meant that tomorrow was Monday. Even though this may still be true, Sunday means football. Right after Labor Day, all Sundays are devoted to football. Saturdays are even devoted to football as well because it is college football. I have been a huge sports fan my entire life. I blame it on being an only child and bonding with my father by watching sports. Sports are just a ton of fun to watch and I have enjoyed them ever since I got hooked. I am a loyal New York fan. I love the Giants, Yankees, and Rangers. I have never been a huge basketball fan so that season really does not appeal to me. Since I am moving to Minneapolis, I am very sad (yet excited) to watch a new league of sports. I will always stay a loyal New York fan but I will soon find to love the Minnesota Twins (baseball), Vikings (football), and Wild (hockey) teams. 

Is anyone else a huge sports fan? Enjoy the rest of your football Sunday! GO GIANTS


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