Why I love Pinterest

Good morning everyone! It is the weekend…YAY! I hope all of you have some fun plans to celebrate this weekend. Last night, my parents and I went to our country club for dinner to celebrate my Father’s birthday. It was a lot of fun being able to sit outside and overlook the golf course before fall comes around the corner. We had a very yummy dinner and it was nice just spending time with my family members since I will soon be making the move out to the Mid-West. This morning, I woke up unusually early (6:15am) and couldn’t fall back to sleep. I tried and tried and NOPE still awake. I decided to grab my iPad and go on Pinterest. I adore Pinterest and love how you can ‘pin’ so many things! I have really been into the food section and pinning recipes. Since I am a recent college graduate moving into a new apartment in a city, I figured it was time to build up my recipe book. There is nothing better than being able to search millions of recipes and categorize them based on meat/vegetarian/pasta/ etc. It is amazing! I also love the home decor section because since I am moving into a new apartment, I find many different and neat ideas to incorporate in my new apartment. I love getting bedroom, living room, and kitchen ideas from Pinterest. I also am obsessed with the women’s fashion category. I mean who doesn’t love fashion? I wish I could pin everything and those beautiful clothes would appear in my closet for free. That would be an absolute dream. 

Are you all on Pinterest? Comment below and I will follow you! Feel free to follow me and pin away! http://www.pinterest.com/splashofpreppy/

XOXO Have a great weekend 

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