New Apartment, Continued

Good morning! It is another beautiful day here in Connecticut. I hope all of you have fun plans for the upcoming weekend! TGIF! In my post yesterday, I showed what furniture pieces I purchased for my new apartment in Minneapolis. As promised, I will show you the furniture pieces I purchased for my bedroom. I am taking my bed with me from Connecticut to Minneapolis (http://www.ethanallen.com/en_US/135643.html?start=14) just because it is only a couple years old and I have an amazing box-spring mattress that I am obsessed with and it will be too expensive to purchase a new one all over again. 

From pottery barn, I purchased a dresser and two of these side tables. I love the pretty wood finish and these pieces are classic and will last forever! 


What do you all think? If anyone just finished college and they are looking for new furniture to furnish their apartment, I REALLY suggest Pottery Barn. My entire apartment is now full of Pottery Barn furniture. Even though it is a tad bit expensive, I know these pieces are classic and will last forever if I take special care of them. When I decorate my kitchen and get some fun pillows this is when I am going to Target or Home Goods! These two stores have amazing things at great prices. I think it is important to spend money on pieces that are necessity and will last a while. Pillows on the other hand, don’t spend too much money because you will want to change up your apartment and incorporate different colors throughout the year!

Have a great and SUNNY Friday!


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