New Apartment, New City

Goodmorning! Yesterday, I updated you all on my new adventure that is starting in October..my move to Minneapolis! I am so happy that I was able to find a brand new high-rise apartment complex (with a pool- YES). I love this apartment complex and I am so excited to move in. I recently bought a TON of furniture from pottery barn. Today, I am going to show you all the furniture pieces I got for the dining room/living room area and then tomorrow I will show you what furniture pieces I purchased for my bedroom. I am still looking for the perfect 8×10 rug to fit the living room. I have some two blue arm chairs that I am bringing from home so I’m going for the clean and fresh blueish look. If you have any ideas on rugs or places to purchase rugs please let me know!!!



From the top, as you can see I purchased the coffee table and the side table. I decided to go with a glass table because I like the look and I didn’t want to overpower my apartment with too much wood since there are beautiful hardwood floors throughout the apartment. The photo next to it is my perfect loveseat! I love the color and size. I wanted a simple and clean look throughout my apartment. I love the color because I can brighten it up with fun pillows across the loveseat. Note: I am bringing two small blue arm chairs from home to place in my living room. I love the apartments where there is a neutral couch and then two fun colored chairs! Underneath is my dining room table. I love the color, size, and base of this table. Since I am living in a small apartment a four person table is just perfect. I luckily have a counter in the kitchen where I will put three barstools for extra seating. The picture next to the table are the four chairs I picked for my dining room table. Again, I don’t want too much wood overpowering my apartment so I went for the fabric look in this chair. This fabric also matches my couch so it is just perfect! Below, this is my new TV stand. Even though it has wood, I believe it will bring the look together and look very nice. I love the space below the TV stand for storage and to hide all the cords!

What do you think? Please comment below! I will post tomorrow pictures of my bedroom! Thank you Pottery Barn!



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