Happy Monday (I’m Back)

Hey dolls, 

Sorry for being so MIA lately! I had my super long winter break and now I am in the full grind of school life. I can’t believe I only have one more semester left of school! CRAZY how time flies. I have an extremely busy week- full of tests, projects, work, etc. You name it… i’m doing it. I am trying very hard to stay healthy during the late winter-early spring months. I feel like almost everyone at school is getting sick and that is something I do NOT want to happen to me. I’ve been hitting the gym almost every day but taking those important days off to rest my body and not cause it too much pain. I have been trying very hard to eat healthy, 3 solid good meals, and of course some dark chocolate (they say its good for you…wohoo!) 

I scored on the J.Crew 50% sale last week and purchased this fun skirt I’ve had my eye on in the longest time. I am very tempted to buy some bathing suits for my spring break trip which is in 17 days (but whose counting?). I hope you guys hit up some good sales and found some new items that you love! Let me know!

I promise to stop being so MIA..just bare with me- school gets very hectic and I want to enjoy all the free time I can get.

Have a great Monday 


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