Winter Makeup Essentials

Happy Thursday! I decided to take the morning off from going to the gym because I will go later tonight. I have become a gym rat and I try to go to at least two classes a day. When I am home from college, I rejoin a gym that has amazing workout classes. I enjoy going to these classes because my school doesn’t offer them and its a fun and different way to get a good workout. Whenever Pilates is available, I take full advantage of it. Let me just tell you, I LOVE Pilates. It is an amazing workout and makes you feel amazing. I also love Zumba. I am not a dancer but I have no shame. This workout is fun, difficult, and it makes time go by so fast! These two classes are a lot more fun then spending 45mins to an hour on the elliptical or treadmill.

Anyway, last time I wrote about some of my favorite places to shop. Today, I decided to tell you all about my winter makeup essentials. It has been unusually cold here in Connecticut. Whenever it gets very cold out, I keep reminding myself how important it is to moisturize! My face, especially by my face, gets extremely dry! It is no fun to leave the house with red flaky dry spots.

Top moisturizers: I have very sensitive skin so every time I am in the shower or at night I use Cetaphil Facial Lotion. I love this product because there isn’t a scent and it never irritates my face. If the dry spot is too intense for Cetaphil to handle I use, Babor Moisturizing Cream. I live by this cream in the winter months. The best part about this cream is that you just have to use a tiny bit to get the job done. Instead of loading this cream all over my face, I just put it over my trouble dry spots since I use Cetaphil as a basic moisturizer. If anyone is experiencing dry skin I really recommend these two products.

Just some fun facts before I get into my top favorite makeup products, I am not a heavy makeup user. Every day I use mascara, little bit of eye liner, and bronzer. If I am going out with some friends or a special occasion I put on some eyeshadow just to add a little more. Now, here are my favorites:

Mascara: Covergirl- Clump Crusher in black. This mascara does the trick if you want to stay clear from clumps! Every day I curl my eyelashes because my eyelashes are very very long. After I curl my lashes I put on this amazing mascara. It works great. I also like Chanel’s basic mascara. I use these mascara when I am going out or have a special occasion. It makes me fit a bit more glamorous, and who doesn’t want that?!

Eye Liner- I am NOT a heavy eye liner user. During the day, I add a tiny/slight line on my bottom lashes. I feel like it just gives my eye a pop. When I go out, I do put a little on my top lashes to expand the look and make my eyes pop even more. I am not into the cat eye or different ways to put eyeliner but one of these days I need to go to Sephora and have someone teach it to me because I do want to learn! The brand I use is Jane Iredale. I use the pencil because I feel like it doesn’t add too much. Since I have green eyes, the person at the spa where I purchased this product says I should purchase the basic brown color. I prefer this much better than black because black can be overpowering for my skin color.

Bronzer: Every day, I use bare minerals. This makeup is amazing and it feels like I am not wearing any makeup at all. It is so fine and feels amazing on my face. I am very lucky to have clear skin so I do not have to wear liquid concealer yet. In the summer months I tend to use a little darker color because obviously we all get tan (or try to) during the summer months. In the winter months I do get pretty pale (which I am not complaining about) so I use a much lighter color. I do not want to look orange and this makeup makes sure that will never happen!

Eye shadow: I use Urban Decay Naked Eye Shaddow. The colors I have are basic. I am not a huge eye shadow fan during the day. I use it at night when I go out or have a special occasion. I love this makeup and I believe it is a great purchase. With the eyeliner, I want to go to Sephora or have someone teach me how to incorporate eye shadow and use different shades. I’m definitely not a makeup artist and that is why I want to learn so I can use some of those tricks on my face when I am going on a night out!

Other products: I walked into my local Benefit Cosmetics store and had a women tell me about the gimme Brow product. This product is amazing. I usually get my eyebrows waxed here and there but I do not like them too thin. This product is basically a mascara for your eyebrows. It shapes your eyebrows for a fresh look. I swear if you forget to get your eyebrows done and you can’t for a while USE THIS PRODUCT. It makes your eye brows look freshly done. It’s amazing. Thank you Benefit!


Hope everyone has a great Thursday. What are some of your favorite makeup pieces? Xoxo

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