Let’s Get Personal

Inhale, exhale… that is my mentality when writing this post. As I read other blogs, I have come to realize how important it is for bloggers to become more personable with their readers. It is a way for bloggers to “connect” with their readers and confirm that they are normal human beings too. It is one of my goals too for this year and going forward. I want to share with you all a little piece of my life which will always include milestones and hardships. I’m not perfect nor I never plan to be. It is who I am and over the years I have just accepted it.  Continue reading “Let’s Get Personal”


Go To Relaxing Winter Outfits

Happy Wednesday y’all! Hope you are having a good week so far. Luckily the weather here in NYC is getting warmer which I am so excited about however, I know it is only the middle of January and winter is far from over. I posted my winter weekend routine on Monday, and today I wanted to put together a winter inspired flat lay featuring my favorite looks for lounging in the winter months.

You can find me doing all of this on Sunday night before going to bed.  Continue reading “Go To Relaxing Winter Outfits”

Health & Fitness

My Weekend Routine

Hope everyone had a great weekend or a potentially long weekend if y’all have today off like me! I’m finally feeling much better after having the flu last week and I am getting back into my normal routine since I have been gone for the Holidays. Personally nothing beats a good routine to stick to. I am such a creature of habit and find myself in the same exact routines for weeks and months! Monday – Friday is typically pretty boring for me since it involves going to work, working out, eating dinner, watching my guilty pleasure tv (I’m looking at you Bachelor and Vanderpump rules), and going to bed. But on the weekends I stay open to everything and try to get the most of my 2 days that I have free but at the same time find time to relax before the next busy 5 days. So I figured why not share with you all my ‘typical’ weekend routine.  Continue reading “My Weekend Routine”


What I Scored During the Lilly #AfterPartySale

I tweeted this earlier this afternoon “does anyone feel like they blackout while shopping the Lilly Pulitzer #AfterPartySale? Because I do, every time” was 100% accurate. I feel as if I’m on a feeding frenzy and haven’t eaten a piece of food in days. Am I the only one who feels that way? Not really sure what it is, but man the feeling is real. Lilly, you’re welcome. Bank account, sorry not sorry. GUYS the sale was SO good this year despite all the struggles we had at 8am and then around 11am when the site crashed. Sure it was frustrating but at the same time, it is only clothes people!!! Not the end of the world. Imagine having over 100K people view your website at the same time? No bueno. Anyway I was reading other bloggers post, like I do all the time after the sale, to see what they scored! I usually do a haul when my items arrive but I figured why not show you what I purchased before the items arrive. There are still some really great items available so be sure to check out the website, it is two full days this year. Continue reading “What I Scored During the Lilly #AfterPartySale”


New Year, Same Hair

Is it just me or is the new year a perfect time to switch up your hairstyle? I have been rocking the same hairstyle (simple, straight, no angles, no highlights/color) for probably my entire life now and I’m itching for change. The most drastic thing I’ve ever done in the hair department is cut of 10 inches for Pantene’s Locks of Love Program my junior year in college. That was SO rewarding but it took SO long for me to grow my hair before I donated it. I am loving the ‘lob’ look and I would love to hear your thoughts on what hairstyles to try. When in doubt, I go to Pinterest for some inspiration! Continue reading “New Year, Same Hair”