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How To Get Out of A Rut

Well hello friends! Long time no chat. As you can see as the title of this post, I was in a very long rut and finally just realized I needed to snap out of it. I have been powering through work the past couple of months and focusing all my attention on work, friends, and family. It has been a hot second since I’ve posted anything on here and I apologize if you’ve been a weekly reader of mine. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve viewed this website as a platform to share my life and what I love with y’all. I made a promise to myself that I would never post for the sake of posting and I had to stay true to myself and what inspired me. I want to share the best content that I can and when I was in a rut that simply just wasn’t going to happen.

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Naples, Florida Travel Guide

Hi friends! Hope y’all are having a great week. Is it just me or is this week dragging on like crazy? Last weekend I was visiting my family in Naples and was in serious need of some R&R. This was my second time spending Easter down there and boy is the weather perfect this time of year! I decided to put together a little travel guide for y’all if you are interested in traveling down to Naples! It is a beautiful and darling town that is ever so slightly starting to feel like “home”.  Continue reading “Naples, Florida Travel Guide”


Easter Dresses

Hey y’all, it’s me again. I know, I know, long time no chat. It has been a crazy last couple of weeks with my new job, new visitors, and personal struggles. Even though that is not an excuse, I promised myself that I would only blog if I was inspired and genuine. I’m not the one to post for the sake of posting, I want everything to be as authentic as possible. Continue reading “Easter Dresses”


Loft Must Haves

Sorry for the radio silence the past week! I have been SO busy with work and traveling! Pure craziness over here and to top it all off I’m moving to a different apartment when my lease is up! Long story short, my apartment complex is increasing my rent like CRAZY so I need to find a new place to live. (insert severe nervous laughing). I’ll keep y’all posted!

Anyways, I scored a bunch of goodies when Loft had their 40% off everything sale! Perfect time to add many fun and colorful pieces to your closet to get ready for spring! Sure hoping that these dresses bring on the 50s and 60s temps to NYC. It has been too darn cold here lately. Continue reading “Loft Must Haves”

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10 Ways To Become a Better You

Happy March everyone! Woo we are one step closer to spring..can I get the hands up emoji?! Anyways, I am here today to not only wish you a Happy March but to share the 10 things that I do that help me stay sane or even distress. If you are Catholic like I am, today is the Ash Wednesday which is simply the first day of Lent. Lent is more about giving up bad things from your life but to focus more on the meaning of Easter. Instead of giving up junk food, I always like to focus on things that make me a better person or make me feel better about myself. It is a time to reflect and give thanks.  Continue reading “10 Ways To Become a Better You”


Spring Break Must Haves

Happy Monday y’all! Boy has this month flown by! I have been so busy with work and fun adventures on the weekend which thankfully made the month fly by. February tends to be my least favorite month because it is in the heart of winter BUT this year NYC has seen one of the warmest Februarys ever (I may have just made up that stat.. but it was in the 60s the last 2 weeks). I finally booked a trip home to Florida for Easter which I am really looking forward to because I haven’t seen my family since Christmas and that is way too long! Even though this working gal doesn’t get a spring break (ugh!) I still like to think I do. There is just something refreshing about going somewhere warm and escaping reality. As I booked my flight, I went into panic mode because I have been needed swimsuits for quite some time. I have been wearing my 5 go to suits for years (eek) and need an upgrade. For this post, I wanted to put together what I purchased and what has caught my eye. You bet I will be packing all of these in my suitcase!  Continue reading “Spring Break Must Haves”


14 Things That I Love This Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Hope everyone had a great weekend. What did you all do? I went to Central Park on Saturday for this Ice Sculpture thing but let me tell you, online it made it seem like it was going to be this insanely awesome festival with ice sculptures everywhere. Boy were they wrong, there was maybe 1 ice sculpture…. #fail. But Central Park was so pretty with all the snow from Thursday and there were so many kids on their sleds and building snowmen. It was too cute for words! Anyways, today is Valentine’s Day and I wanted to share with you all 14 things that I love / are thankful for.  Continue reading “14 Things That I Love This Valentine’s Day”